Competitor Info

The following information is specific to the final round at the competition.



Poles used will be two chrome 45mm, 12 foot tall Competition Rigged, Chrome X-Poles.

Participants in each division will be told ahead of time which poles will be placed on static or spinning mode.

There will be about 8 feet of space between the poles.



All applicants will be charged a $60 application processing fee.

There will be no other fees for attending the competition, or showcase finale.

Guests of finalists must pay full price for their tickets to the event.


All levels:

The Professional and Semi-Pro Divisions are open to participants aged 18+. The Junior Division is open to youth aged 15-17, and the Novice Division is open to youth aged 10-14, and will include both Semi-Pro and Professional level competitors (should we receive enough applicants to host the division).   Competitors do not have to be Florida residents, but must be US Citizens and live within the 50 United States.

About the Semi-Pro Division: This division for those who have been poling for over 1 year and are confident in their ability but do not yet feel ready to enter the Professional Division. Routines will be judged on the same categories as the Professional Division: performance, technique, variety of moves, and artistry. Inversions and tricks are permitted, however all aerial inverts and transitions must have 3 points of contact at all times on the pole.



Music for the final rounds must be clean edited (radio edit) versions with no vulgarity. All music choices must be submitted no later than July 1st, 2018. Music submissions must be sent via email in MP3 format or via snail mail on CD in MP3 format. Music must be sent edited to required time format (no more than 3:30).

Music will be approved on a first come – first reserved basis so the earlier you choose your music the better to avoid disappointment. Choice of music may be changed no later than June 1 st. Edited music may include a compilation of various songs merged together.

Required Performance and Song Length: between 2:30 to 3:30 minutes.



Costumes should be creative and fun. Sensual or fitness theme is acceptable but should be creatively related to the style of dance and/or the choice of music. The following applies to ALL competitors….

Removal of portions of costume is allowed as long as remaining pieces are compliant with these guidelines below.

All costumes must be submitted by picture for approval prior to competition.

Limitations for purposes of modesty will include:


Full breast coverage is required.

Minimum of a tri-top with full breast coverage.

Men can be bare chested.


Full coverage bikini or boy shorts:

Full side coverage. No open sides or string ties, no G-Strings or Thongs.


No leather, PVC, or other fabrics, which may aid in grip including gloves

No tassles/pasties, G-strings or thongs

No long pants

No gloves of any kind

No costuming/clothing/shoes that will cause damage of any kind to the poles


Shoes or bare feet.

No boots of any kind, and no shoes higher than an ankle strap.

Any material allowed with the exception of decorations, which may scratch or damage the poles.

Note: Choose costumes carefully. Wardrobe “malfunctions” exposing intimate areas or excessive gluteal or breast exposure will result in points deducted. Total failure to adhere to costume rules will result in disqualification. Any questions or concerns should be presented prior to the competition for clarification.


Props will be allowed but are subject to approval prior to the competition.

Absolutely no glass of ANY kind, no fire, glitter/confetti/sand/powder, no latex paint or liquids of any kind.

Press And Promotional Materials:

All competitors will be required to sign a photo and video release as well as provide a photograph and bio which will be posted on Florida Pole Fitness Championship websites and ads prior to the event.

Finalists must be available for possible interviews with press and should not exclude the possibility of being filmed for various media outlets. (not excluding radio, television, film)

Videos and photographs from the event will be used for future promotional features for Florida Pole Fitness Championship including but not limited to press releases, website features, television/film, flyers, etc.

Future Appearances:

Winners from each division may be asked to participate in future events as featured performers representing The Florida Pole Fitness Championship, workshops, etc.