Scoring & Awards

Online Round:

 10 points each:

1. Artistry (creativity, aesthetically pleasing, expressive, imaginative)

2. Execution & skill (form, point, extension, level of difficulty, musicality etc)

3. Variety of moves among floor work, spins and tricks.

4. Presentation (music choice, costume, attitude, style, visual personality)

5. Completion of Required Moves For Division Applying For

All scores will be combined for a final result.

Those participants with the top 10 scores for each division totaled among all judges will be our finalists.

All applicants will receive detailed feedback of their submission from each of the online judges.


Final Round:

Emphasis will be placed on overall performance.

Equal points will be possible within all areas of scoring – someone with superior strength or tricks will not have a disproportionate advantage over someone with superior form and artistry. This will basically come down to which performance is the most riveting for the audience to watch!


Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

All Divisions:

Basic Elements – 1 – 15 Points Each

  • Artistry/Presentation (15 points max.)
  • Execution & Skill (15 points max.)
  • Flexibility (10 points max.)
  • Variety of Movement (10 points max.)

Total 60 points – including Compulsory points as outlined below:

1-2 possible points will be awarded for each compulsory move.

Compulsory moves will be judged based on proper execution, correct body alignment, musicality and entry and transition out of move with creativity and proper form.



Inversion Restriction (3 Points of Contact Pole/Lyra) 2 points each                                       /-10  (SEMI-PRO DIVISIONS ONLY)

Costume Malfunction/Coverage                                                                                         /-5

General Rule Violations                                                                                                         /-10

Use of Unsecure/Unsafe Moves                                                                                          /-10

Failure to Perform Required Moves                                      2 points per judge per missed requirement


Score Cards:

Will be made available to each individual competitor within 10 days of the competition.

Scorecards will not be made public. The decisions of the judges are final.



Within each division we will name 3 winners: Overall Champion, 2nd place, and 3rd place.

Within the Semi-Pro division, “Pro” status will be awarded to 1st place only.

Within the Pole Fitness Professional Division, the Overall Champion will receive entry to the second annual Pole Championship Series – National Championship to be held in 2019 in Columbus, Ohio at the Arnold Sports Festival.

First place with the most points overall within each division will receive the title of “Florida Pole Fitness (Novice/Junior/Semi-Pro/Professional Division) Champion”.

All competitors will receive a swag bag full of goodies from our generous sponsors!