NOVICE –1st and most athletic- Cassidy Kite, 2nd and most artistic Aliyah Rochester

JUNIOR –1st/most artistic/most athletic – Paula Salazar

SEMI-PRO –1st and most artistic Becky Klipin, 2nd Katt Watts, 3rd Laura Noyes, Most Athletic Alejandra Sandi

MEN’S –1st and most athletic Melvin Sanchez, 2nd Seth Badger, 3rd and most artistic Brandon Rosario

PROFESSIONAL –1st and most artistic Paige Anderson, 2nd Tynesha Brown, 3rd Nia Millan, Most Athletic Stephanie Tallant

CONGENIALITY AWARD(Sponsored by Stigma Tattoo Bar)- Eddie Amardo
Patilla Bite Athlete Award– Rosa Rodriguez
Pole Mamas Athlete Award– Becky Klipin