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If you prefer, you can email us your information using the contact form at the bottom of this page:

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Where can I find division requirements and other rules and regulations?

Competitor Info

Guidelines and Regulations

Scoring & Awards


Can you explain the 3 points of contact rule for the Semi-Pro Division (Pole Only)?

The 3 points of contact refer to how many body parts you have on the pole at one time. This rule is only in effect in the Semi-Pro Division when you are upside down on the pole (hips higher than your head). The rule would not apply if your hips are below your head, or if you are doing an elbow stand, headstand, handstand, etc. on the floor.

For example, a standard shoulder mount has 3 points of contact (2 hands and 1 shoulder).

Other examples of acceptable 3 point moves:

Gemini/outside leg hang (back of knee, side body, armpit)
Scorpio/inside leg hang (calf, inner thigh, side body, back of shoulder)
Cross knee release/figure 4 layback (2 inner thighs, calf)

Examples of moves that would not be allowed in the Semi-Pro Division because they violate this rule:

Handsprings/iron x
Ayshas and variations
Cross ankle layback/straight leg layback


If you have move-specific questions, you can send us a video of the move and we’d be happy to take a look.


Do you have to be an instructor to compete in the Professional Divisions?

No. There are no requirements such as being an instructor or paid performer to compete in the Professional Division.


Can you be an instructor and compete in the Semi-Pro Divisions?

Yes. There are no restrictions on if you are an instructor or not for the Semi-Pro Division, only movement requirements and restrictions (see guidelines and rules page for more details).


Do I have to perform the same routine for the submission video and at the competition?

No. The requirements for the online submission video and for the competition routine are slightly different for the pole divisions, so you do not have to perform the same routine if you are selected to compete.


 What are the differences between divisions?

Age and skill level. Novice divisions are for athletes aged 10-14 years, Junior divisions are for athletes aged 14-17 years. Semi-Pro and Professional divisions are for athletes aged 18+ years. Novice and Junior divisions will consist of both Semi-Pro and Professional level athletes.



Are there required moves or restricted moves for the aerial categories?

Yes. Please refer to the Competitor Info, Guidelines and Regulations, and Scoring and Awards pages for more details.


What is the height for silks and Lyra?

The silks will be rigged from 25 feet high. The Lyra will be rigged five feet from the bottom of the apparatus to the ground.


Can I bring my own aerial equipment?

No. Competitors will be provided with an aerial silk and a 36″ tabless, choked with a span set aerial hoop.

If your questions were not answered with the above FAQs, please use the form below to contact us.