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Where can I find division requirements and other rules and regulations?


Does the submission video have to be the same routine as the final round?

The submission video and final round do not have to be the same routine. It is allowed, and up to the athlete to do the same or different routines.

Can international athletes compete?


Do you have to be an instructor to compete in the Professional Divisions?

No. There are no requirements such as being an instructor or paid performer to compete in the Professional Division.

Can you be an instructor and compete in the Novice Divisions?

No. Only students and non paid aerialists are permitted in the Novice Divisions.

Can you be an instructor and compete in the Semi-Pro Divisions?

Yes. There are no restrictions on if you are an instructor or not for the Semi-Pro Division, only movement requirements and restrictions (see guidelines and rules page for more details).

 What are the differences between divisions?

Age and skill level. Novice divisions are for athletes aged 6-14 years, Junior divisions are for athletes aged 14-17 years. Semi-Pro and Professional divisions are for athletes aged 18+ years.

  • Novice and Junior performers are considered at a beginner level in silks or lyra and performing. Instructors are prohibited from performing in the Novice and Junior levels. Use of full length of silks and top and bottom bar of the lyra is not required. Novice and Junior performers are expected to show level appropriate strength, flexibility, and dynamic movement and flow. Novice and Junior performers are encouraged to establish a character or storyline for their routine.
  • Semi-Pro performers are comfortable with a basic level of inversions and inverted moves. Performers at this level are encouraged to establish a character or storyline and to demonstrate level appropriate movement quality, flexibility, strength and flow. Instructors are allowed to perform in this division.
  • Professional performers have a wide skill set of movement on the apparatus and demonstrate high levels of technique, flexibility, strength, movement and flow. Professional performers may have previous experience performing and instructing, and exhibit expert showmanship.

Are there required moves or restricted moves for the aerial categories?

Yes. There are required and restricted moves for each division. Please refer to the Guidelines and Regulations pages for more details.

What is the height for silks and Lyra?

The silks will be rigged from 20 feet high. The Lyra will be rigged five feet from the bottom of the apparatus to the ground. Lyra rigging for youth divisions will be adjusted.

Is there a motor for rigging?

No. The aerial equipment will be rigged from the ceiling with no motor.

Can I bring my own aerial equipment?

No. Competitors will be provided with an aerial silk and a 36″ or 34″ tabless, choked with a span set aerial hoop.

If your questions were not answered with the above FAQs, please contact us at FLAerialArtsChampionship@Gmail.com.