2016 Florida Pole Fitness Championship

Official Judges

Derick Pierson

Derick Pierson

Derick Pierson began his pole dancing and circus career seven years ago. Starting later in life due to injuries generated by car accidents, he developed a “never give up attitude.” As an ex-cheerleader he has a very competitive drive and a background in tumbling. At the age of eighteen he commenced training with the South Florida Circus Arts School in Miami Florida. He has trained in contortion, lyra, trapeze, silks, and aerial cube. Now Derick works for Rainbow Circus, Pixie Fitness, and Polestars when he is not traveling to teach workshops or compete in pole competitions.

Discovering his love for pole Derick started through both self-teaching, and then branching out to find Allison Sipes (USPDF Pro/ Master X-pert Trainer) his teacher, and friend. With her help he started his competitive pole career. Derick was voted in Pole Dance International Magazine best new artist, best pole flexibility, and best over all male performer. He has also been featured in Pole Spin, and Vertical Art and Fitness magazines. Derick has won the following titles:

-Elite Men’s Champion USPSF 2015

-Male Pro Division Winner PSO SPC 2015
-Pole Art 2nd Place Male Champion 2013
– Male World Pole Sport 3rd Place Champion 2013
– Australian Pole Fitness 2nd Place Champion 2013 (international division)
-Male National Aerial Pole Art Champion 2013
-Male National Aerial Pole Art Champion and Best Technique 2012
-Male 2nd Place Champion International Pole Dance Masters Cup 2012
-Male American Pole Fitness Champion for 2011
-IPC 2ND place Pole Art Champion 2010

Derick is currently working at Pixie Fitness and is traveling the world doing what he loves best; teaching workshops and performing.


Albena Aleksandrova

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Albena “Benji” Aleksandrova was born in Bulgaria, and began her sports career in Acrobatics/Gymnastics at a young age. Albena competed professionally worldwide with the Bulgarian National Sports Acrobatics/Gymnastics Team for many years. Currently, she is an Entertainer, an Acrobatics/gymnastics coach and a Pole Fitness lover. Benji’s titles include:

-2016 Pole Championship Series (Arnold Sports Festival) 3rd Place Winner

-2015 Florida Pole Fitness Championship Professional Division 1st Place Winner

-2015 North American Pole Dance Championships 1st Place Winner

-2015 Arnold Amateur Pole Championship 1st Place Winner

-2014 Florida Pole Fitness Championship Professional Division 2nd Place Winner & Winner of “Most Athletic” Award

Karol Helms

Tickets on sale now for the 5th annual Florida Pole Fitness Championship April 30th 2016

As a pioneer in the early days of the pole fitness movement, which gained momentum mainly on YouTube, Karol gained popularity by sharing her training progress through her own videos as well as inspiring and encouraging others to find their own pole prowess. Carols’ pole dancing obsession began in 2006 when she purchased an X-Pole and began self teaching and helping others through videos on YouTube.  Now as an official X-Pole sponsored athlete, Brand Director of the Pole Fit line by Bad Kitty, and Glitter Heels Pole Idol, Karol loves being able to travel around the world and connect with her fans, performing in some of the most amazing pole showcases, and visiting countless studios teaching others to find confidence and strength through the art of pole dance. Karol’s titles include:

-2012 3rd Place in USPDF Pro Championships

– 2010 USPDF Miss Sexy

-2009 USPDF East Coast Championship 1st Place

-2008 Charlotte’s Poleapalooza 1st Place

Rafaela Montanaro

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Rafaela was born in a family of athletes, and begun he career at the early age of 3 with gymnastics, ballet, contemporary and ballroom dance, and at the age of 16 she was admitted at the renowned École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois in France. In 2008 Rafaela received a degree in Physical Education, and at the same period practiced Kung-fu Wushu and was part of the national team in 2006. In 2009 Rafaela began her pole career, and only 5 months after starting, she won the National And South American Competition. Pole certainly was love at first sight!

Rafaela Believes that winning is possible to everyone, as long as there is commitment,focus and determination. To be always at the top of her game, she practices everyday for long periods, not only her pole technique, but also aerobics exercises, and dance lessons as well. “To be an athlete is not only a Physical condition, but also a Psychological condition.”

Other Titles Include:

2015 – Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2nd Place

2015 – USPSF Elite Women’s 2nd Place
2013 – Pole Art Champion – International Pole Championship
2012-2010 – Pole fit Champion – International pole Championship
2009-2012 – South American Champion
2011 – 2nd place – Pole World Cup
National Champion – 2011 and 2009
2010 – 3rd Place and Best Tricks Award – Miss Pole Dance World