2017 Florida Pole Fitness Championship



Derick Pierson


Derick Pierson began his pole dancing and circus career almost four years ago. Starting later in life due to injuries generated by car accidents, he developed a “never give up attitude.” As an ex-cheerleader he has a very competitive drive and a background in tumbling. At the age of eighteen he commenced training with the South Florida Circus Arts School in Miami Florida. He has trained in contortion, trapeze, silks, lyra, and aerial cube. Now Derick works for Rainbow Circus when he is not traveling to teach workshops or compete in pole competitions.

Discovering his love for pole Derick started through both self-teaching, and then branching out to find Allison Sipes (USPDF Pro/ Master X-pert Trainer) his teacher, and friend. With her help and the support of Michelle Martin owner of cheeky fitness he started his competitive pole career. Derick is now the 2nd place International Pole Masters Champion 2012 , Male National Aerial Pole Art Champion and Best Technique 2012, American Pole Fitness Champion for 2011, and the IPC 2ND place Pole Art Champion 2010. He has also gone and competed in the pro division for Pole Dancing Universe and was offered a spot to compete in the World Pole Sport Championships in London in July 2012.

Derick was voted in Pole Dance International Magazine as best new artist, best pole flexibility, and best over all male performer. He has also been featured on the cover of Pole Spin magazine, and featured in Vertical Art and Fitness magazine. Currently Derick is working to become a master instructor with the certification program X-pert, working at Pixie Fitness Florida, Pole Stars in Hollywood, and is traveling the world doing what he loves best; teaching and performing.


Albena Aleksandrova

Tickets on sale now for the 6th annual Florida Pole Fitness Championship April 28th-29th 2017

Between 1993 and 2004, when Benji graduated as an Acrobatic coach for The National Sport Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, she also won titles in woman’s pairs at the European and World Championships, including 1st Place at the International Tournament. In 2004 she also placed 3rd in mixed pairs at the world championships in Levin, France.

Subsequent to her graduation she has become an Acrobatics Referee and a Physical Education Teacher in addition to performing as a pearl diver at Sea World; Aerial Acrobatics / Cradle / Lyra / Tissue / Rope, and Hand Balancing, Contortionist at Pirates Dinner Theatre, as well as at Hard Drive Productions, Epcot and on What Not To Wear in 2009.  She also garnered a part in the Comedy Ace Ventura 3.

She has been pole dancing for 4 years, and holds the following titles:

2016 PCS Professional Pole 3rd Place

2015 FPFC Professional Pole Winner

2015 PCS Amateur Pole Winner

2015 NAPDC Elite Pole Winner

Additional Special Skills include:

Trapeze, Trampoline & Mini Trampoline, Swimming, Diving, High-Board Jump, Sky Diving, Break Falls & Reaction Falls, Stunt Fighting, Pole and Judo/Sambo-professional level.



Alexandra Apjarova

Alexandra spent her childhood actively training as a rhythmic gymnast and earned the title of National Champion in her native Slovakia. After her sports career, she transferred her focus into dance and studied modern scenic dance choreography in Kosice/Slovakia. She led 2 dance groups to winning national dance competitions and festivals. In 1993 she went to London UK, where is continued her dance studies at the London Contemporary Dance School.

In 1998, she joined an Aerial Gymnastics Dance company called Antigravity. She went on to choreograph the first aerial silk hammock routine. With Antigravity, she had a blast performing during many-high end events and productions such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, SMASH TV episode, President Obama Neighborhood Inauguration Ball, Grammy Awards (Gwen Stephanie-No Doubt), Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, BARNUM Musical and many more events worldwide.

With the original concept of the aerial hammock choreography, she was credited and performed with Cirque du Soleil’s critically acclaimed production of Delirium. As an artist she still enjoys performing with Cirque du Soleil’s special events as a specialty artist and as a character/Dancer.  Alexandra was honored to be part of the creative team for Viva Elvis as an assistant to the acrobatic choreographer, Catherine Archambault.  For Cirque du Soleil, Alexandra also performed duties as a dance teacher for the “Saltimbanco” tour and directed special projects such as the Moonwalk project.

Alexandra is a versatile and passionate performing artist specializing in aerial/acro dance arts, choreography, coaching and loves exploring other forms of arts such as singing, acting and dance/art modeling.

Alexandra feels blessed to be chosen as an aerialist for Michael Jackson’s “This is it” tour in London.  After the tragic passing of the Icon she was thrilled to perform at the Red Carpet premiere of the movie in an aerial chandelier making a crystal illusion of light.

She was honored to perform in other live and TV productions and events such as, an Award Winning Off Broadway Show “La Soiree”, the Leona Lewis “Labyrinth Tour 2010” and the movie “Just My Luck” just to name a few.

Alexandra moved to Orlando last summer. She is excited to meet and work with young talents at Antigravity Orlando as well as wonderful clients at Lotus Fitness Studio as well many private clients. She recently started to give a flexibility training workshops to Cirque du Soleil’s “La Nouba” artists and is very excited to be judging at this year’s competition.

Heidi Coker

Heidi Coker began pole dancing the summer of 2009. A competitive gymnast until er seeing an episode showcasing pole dancing and female empowerment, she was instantly intrigued. Enjoying dance, yoga and other creative outlets for exercise, pole was a perfect match. After poling for a year, just for fun, she submitted for a competition and was stunned when she found out she was accepted!!

From there her competitive life in pole began. Heidi believes pole is a sport where you can play to your strengths, and a perfect arena for creativity and self expression. She enjoys challenging herself with new moves and adding acrobatics on and off the pole.

Heidi teaches at Polelateaz in Atlanta.

• 2010 USPDF East Coast 2nd place, and Pro status
• 2011 USPDF Pro finalist
• 2011 APFC Artist of the Year and 3rd place
• 2011 Pole Art finalist: Helsinki, Finland
• 2011 PPS Aerial Tournament 3rd place: Hong Kong
• 2012 Aerial Pole International, Best t5ick award: Berne, Switzerland
• 2012 APFC, Artist of the year
• 2013 Pole Art Champion: Helsinki, Finland
• 2015 Australian Pole Fitness Champion