Music Rules


Maximum Length Per Division:

Novice A (ages 6-9) – 2:00

Novice B (ages 10-14) & Junior (ages 15-17) – 2:30

Semi-Pro – 3:30

Professional – 4:00

  • No explicit lyrics. Radio Edits only.
  • Cutting/editing a song or mixing several songs is allowed.
  • All competitors are responsible for the quality and submission of their music.
  • All competitors must bring a backup USB flash drive with their final track ONLY (no other files) and marked with the competitor’s full name and division as the song title.
  • The final edit of music must be submitted by the required deadline – JUNE 9, 2022.
  • Music received 7 days late will be given a 1 point deduction from your final score for each day it is late.
  • Music 8-10 days late will be charged a $45 late fee and an additional 3 points will be deducted from your final score on top of the first 7.
  • Music beyond 10 days late will not be accepted. Late fees will be payable by an invoice sent from Florida Pole Fitness Championship via PayPal and must be paid before taking the stage.
  • Music is to be sent to in MP3 or M4a format only by June 9th, 2022. No other file types will be accepted. (i.e. YouTube links, Dropbox files, SoundCloud links, etc.)
  • The music file MUST be titled with your stage name and your division. (Ex: if your name is Jane Smith and you are competing in Silks Semi-Pro Division, then your music file name would be JaneSmithSilksSemiPro.mp3.
  • Duplicate songs will NOT be accepted. If your song has already been claimed, you will be notified (upon acceptance) and will need to choose another one.
  • Once you send in your music file, no changes will be made. No exceptions. 


* When a competitor’s music doesn’t play entirely or skips due to DJ error, a competitor may:

  1. Finish their routine without music (possibly affecting musicality marks)
  2. Ask the music to be cued again and start their routine from the beginning right away
  3. Let the next competitor go, then re-run routine from the beginning
  4. Wait until the end of the line up in their division and re-run routine from the beginning

* In all cases except #1, judges are required to disregard ALL previous scores and score the competitor from the beginning of their second run as if the first run never happened.

Be sure to pick something that moves you and will make you give a great performance. Try to pick what you would think will be a crowd-pleaser; having the audience behind you makes it more motivating!