• Stage Size: 32ft x 27.5ft
  • Floor Surface: Fully Sprung Floor with Marley Overlay
M. E. Theater
Stage Flooring


Silks will be provided by competition production management. Outside silks will not be permitted. Silks will be a white, tricot medium-stretch fabric hung from a swivel and a single rigging point approximately 17’ above the stage. Silks are white and will have a 0-2 foot tail pending stage set up and venue. 

Lyra competitors will not be permitted to use their own apparatus. Competitors may specify the height from the stage to the lowest part of the apparatus either at stage testing or before via email. Rigging on the apparatus will include 6-foot span sets, swivels, and shackles. Lyra is a 36-inch or 33-inch (for youth) single tab-less that is wrapped but not padded. (tab preference is set at registration).